Your New American Mortgage Starts Here

As a mortgage professional, my top priority is to help clients navigate the sometimes challenging world of lending. Some of those challenges include helping clients achieve their mortgage-related goals for retirement, a new home, an investment property or 2nd home, debt consolidation, divorce settlement or simply looking to save money each month.

My experience and expertise allow me to provide top level service and treat each of my clients like family. I am the “go-to” resource for solving all types of challenges. I consistently provide clients with helpful advice, direction, and valuable services which enable them to have a more enjoyable real estate experience. 

Some of the services I provide include addressing each client’s individual questions and concerns, and discussing their overall desired result. I work at educating clients and keeping consistent communication so they avoid feeling confused, anxious or unsure of what is going on. When the process is clear and each step is communicated, the result is simply amazing. 
As a Santa Barbara native I have a deep appreciation and connection with the outdoors, especially the ocean. I’m a third generation surfer and am raising a family here in my home town. 

As one can see, I bring my “personality” to work and into my clients’ lives – whether those clients are individuals, families, or Real Estate professionals. My clients consider me a trusted friend and a valued part of their extended family, and quite honestly, that’s the greatest compliment I can receive. When we do business together you will see that it’s also the expectation I set for myself with every client, every time!