About New American Funding

New American Funding, a national mortgage banker, was founded by Rick and Patty Arvielo in 2003. With Rick’s expertise in marketing and technology, and Patty’s extensive mortgage background, New American Funding quickly became one of the fastest growing mortgage bankers in the industry.

In 2006, New American Funding had grown by over 300%, and with this increase in workforce, the Arvielos were able to take the next step in their business plan and establish a Retail-Based Lending Division. The goal in establishing this division was to grow their presence in the purchase market. By seeking out top professionals in the industry and creating an environment that fosters healthy business-building partnerships amongst Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents, the division was fully established by 2010.

In March of 2011, the first New American Funding branch was opened in Aliso Viejo. By 2012 New American Funding branches had sprouted across the nation, serving the needs of the local communities and establishing strong partnerships with many local real estate agent offices.

While New American Funding’s Retail-Based Lending Division was taking off, the Arvielos felt it was time to respond to the needs of the newly re-energized mortgage brokers of the industry. In November of 2011 they launched their Wholesale Division.

With the history of immense success in establishing the Wholesale and Retail Divisions, the slow-but-hopeful come back of the new home construction industry, and the gaining of top leadership talent, the company confidently launched their Builder Division in November of 2012. The Builder Division allows loan officers, borrowers, and builders the ability to work together throughout the new home construction loan process.

One of the biggest events in New American Funding history occurred in October of 2010 when the company became an approved Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, allowing the company to offer borrowers government-backed loans. In November of 2012, New American Funding became an approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer, and not long after, was also approved to be a Ginnie Mae Seller/Servicer.

Today, with well over 1,700 employees, nationwide branches, a servicing portfolio of $9 billion, and funding over $900 million per month, New American Funding is at the height of their game.:

Working with us

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Here are some of the options we offer:

90% CLTV Heloc (80 \ 10 \ 10) • Fannie Mae Direct Seller • HARP 2.0 Unlimited LTV \ CLTV • Freddie Mac Super Conforming Loan Program • Conventional Flips in the first 90 days • FNMA: 5-10 Financed Property guidelines • Non-Agency: 11-20 Financed Property Program • Non-Occupying Co-Borrowers using LP up to 95% • Delayed Financing-Cash out before 6 months • Manufactured Homes
Jumbo • Loan Amounts to $10 Million • ARM and Fixed Rate Investors in-house • Delegated Underwriting to $3 million • Asset Depletion- use assets for additional income to qualify • Cross Collateralization-use equity from other properties to help with down payment • Pledged Assets- use assets from investment accounts instead of cash without having to liquidate • Foreign Nationals • Unique Property Types –Leased Land Financing!!!!!! • Non Warrantable condos, co-ops, condotels, TIC’s • NO CAP on number of financed properties • Fund in name of LLC ok! • Construction Financing Available • Interest only available!!!
Government • FHA 203K Rehabilitation Loans – Full Consultant and Streamline • VA to 580 Fico • CALHFA 99.5% In-House w/ 640 fico (FHA 1st w/ CHDAP 2nd) • FHA Jumbo up to 55% DTI • FHA Flips over 20% Appreciation, seller owned less than 90 days, only one appraisal to 100% • FHA Purchase or Refinance to 580 Fico Score • FHA Streamlines to 640 FICO • City Down Payment Assistance Programs • Manufactured Homes • FHA Escrow Holdbacks allowed • FHA Back to Work Program 12 months after BK, Foreclosure, Short Sale, Loan Modification • FHA no FICO • USDA to 640 FICO

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