About Frank Fuentes 

With almost two decades as a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, Frank has used his understanding of the real estate market, his knowledge of the needs of the Hispanic market and his dedication to the Hispanic community to personally assist thousands of families with responsible and affordable home loans and home refinances. His role as Vice President of Multicultural Community Lending comes after excelling as a Loan Officer at New American Funding, where his expertise in originating mortgages such as FHA Loans, Conventional, Jumbo and Renovation Home Improvement Loans, as well as helping our local community heroes with VA Loans, has earned him the ranking as #1 Hispanic Loan Officer in the company for many years

Growing up as a Latino in Santa Ana, California, Frank fully understands the complexities and cultural challenges that are encountered during the home loan process, and these challenges are what gives Frank the motivation and determination needed to make a difference in the Hispanic community. Being the first Latino and bilingual Loan Officer to be hired at New American Funding, Frank has been able to build trust and relationships within the Hispanic community. He is truly committed to client satisfaction and fulfilling the dream of homeownership for Latino families across the nation.

A true American success story, Frank had absolutely no experience working in real estate or the mortgage industry when he answered an ad in the Penny Saver for a bilingual Loan Officer in 2000. He took a chance and it paid off. Frank was determined to keep true to his culture and background, knowing that one day he would give back to his community. He learned as much as he could from mentors, especially New American Funding President Patty Arvielo and CEO Rick Arvielo, who offered training, tools for success, and encouragement to Frank as he worked diligently to build up his business. Frank is still an active loan originator, while simultaneously, works hand-in-hand with Patty and Rick on everything related to increasing homeownership within the Hispanic market.

Frank is also a Certified Green Real Estate Professional and has been an active board member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional’s (NAHREP) South Orange County and Inland Empire Chapters. NAHREP is a purpose-driven organization that is passionate about educating and empowering real estate and mortgage lending professionals servicing the Hispanic market. His passion for helping the Hispanic community drives him to actively increase the knowledge of home buying procedures, rules, and practices including financing options, choosing the right house that will meet the homeowner’s needs. Frank stays true to his roots, making sure that each client knows he is authentic in his desire to help them succeed.

Frank’s mission is simply this: To strategically align New American Funding with non-profit and multicultural agencies that promote the path to sustainable home ownership within the Hispanic community and other underserved markets. As a dynamic and integral leader of the Latino Focus Committee, Frank is instrumental in conceiving the committee’s main events to help ensure education of the Hispanic market grows with the nation’s top Hispanic professionals.