New American Funding, a national mortgage lender, has announced the formation of its Latino Focus Committee whose mission is to identify and address challenges Hispanic consumers face in their pursuit of homeownership and to enhance the quality of their lending experience.

The formation of this Committee was initiated by Patty Arvielo, New American Funding’s President and Co-Founder, who has held a life-long vision and passion to assist the Hispanic community’s endeavors and accessibility to homeownership.  Ms. Arvielo has also spearheaded New American Funding’s strong support of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (she serves on their Corporate Board of Governors), whose mission is to increase the rate of sustainable homeownership by empowering the real estate professionals that serve the community.

Toward that end, the company also recently appointed Cayce Macias to the position of Vice President, Community Lending, whose goal is to expand New American Funding’s community outreach and advocacy efforts, paying special attention to underserved communities.

The Hispanic community is the fastest-growing segment of the American population and, with the possibility of genuine immigration reform, the market for increased home ownership within their ranks is vast. However, historically there have been serious challenges that still exist today, including language barriers and the lack of educational awareness programs about the home ownership process. 

The Latino Focus Committee intends to directly confront these challenges with a variety of initiatives and has already begun development on several core outreach elements including Spanish-language educational materials, and Spanish-language radio and billboard campaigns.  The group has prioritized outreach that is specifically designed to educate the Hispanic community about their home ownership opportunities. 

Ms. Arvielo and Ms. Macias are united in their vision for their Latino Focus Committee. They intend to bring their extensive experience, passion and cultural awareness to the Hispanic community in order to increase their home buying opportunities and to enlarge their share of the American Dream.

About New American Funding

New American Funding is a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae Direct Seller/Servicer, FHA Direct Endorsement and VA Automatic mortgage lender with approximately 700 employees and a servicing portfolio of over $2 billion.  The company is licensed in 24 states, funds over $400 million a month, and offers a variety of purchase home loan and refinance loan options, including, Conventional, FHA, Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages, VA, HARP 2.0 and Jumbo Loans.